What you don’t know about diabetes

By | September 19, 2019
ASOMAJI most of this column have sent me sms and demanded to know the source of a person suffering from diabetes, others think they eat too much sugar causes the disease.  To better understand diabetes it is important first to understand how food is broken down in the womb and used by the body to produce energy.
When food is dissolved in the womb several events occur. One is glucose called glucose which is a source of energy / energy into the body. The second event is an organ called the pancreas, a Pancrease specialist to produce insulin stimulants.
The function of insulin is to remove the glucose in the blood and to enter the muscle, fat cells and liver, where it serves as energy. People with diabetes have higher blood sugar levels than they need because their bodies cannot send sugar to fat cells, liver and muscles to be stored for energy production.
This is due to one of the following reasons; their pancreas may not be able to produce enough insulin or their body cells are not affected by insulin as required or both.
Eating too much sugar is not the cause of diabetes but eating too much sugar is not good for your health as it will add weight to affect your body’s ability to protect itself from various illnesses.
Diabetes has been called a disease that affects the body’s energy cell. When the body fails to use glucose, various body systems can stop working or even cause death. Diabetes is known as ‘DIABETES MELLITUS’.
The name Diabetes Mellitus comes from the Greek word for ‘suck’ and the Latin word for ‘sweet as honey’.
The words best describe the disease, since water passes through the body of a diabetic person as if it is absorbed by the mouth and through the urine and then out of the body. In addition the urine has a sweet taste because it contains sugar.
That is why before discovering the best ways to diagnose the disease, one way to determine whether a person has diabetes is to pour a patient’s urine around the esophagus. If they were cured they would be attracted to the urine then that meant that the urine contained sugar.
People in the following groups are more likely to get diabetes: Obesity, have a history of having diabetes in their families, women bearing children 4 kg or more, less active or less active people, high blood pressure, depressed and overindulged in alcohol and smoking.
As a result, these people are advised to test their sugar every year at age 45 and on. There is a higher risk of developing the disease if a person has more fat in his stomach and waist than in his thighs. Fat in the pancreas and liver impairs the body’s ability to control the amount of sugar in the blood.
Smokers face a greater risk as the exercise damages the heart and circulatory system and compresses blood vessels. 95 percent of diabetics who have to cut their limbs are smokers.
The main symptoms are drinking more water than usual and feeling thirsty all the time, frequent urination, children coughing in bed, being weak, powerless and feeling tired all the time.
Weight loss or thinning despite eating well is another symptom of constant starvation and excessive eating, poor eyesight, men losing their masculine energy and women experiencing vaginal itching, or lack of sexual desire for women.
Other symptoms include numbness in the feet, burning or tingling sensation in the touch of the feet, palms and toes. Feet rot, dry skin. Sores or wounds on any part of the body do not heal quickly, boils on the body.
There are diabetic medications that help to reduce or eliminate the problem if you ever try and start taking the medication. Those with these symptoms are advised to test their blood sugar to determine if they have diabetes.

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