High blood pressure causes

By | September 19, 2019

High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world and worldwide. Every day the number of people with these diseases that are in the category of non-communicable diseases increases. This is a condition that after affecting the blood system causes damage to various parts of the body including the eyes.
Since it originates in the bloodstream, its effects on the eyes include the blood vessels in the eye, especially the inner part of the back wall called the retina.
The main function of the retina is to receive the reflected light and convert it into a system that will allow the image to be transported to the brain for interpretation. High blood pressure causes the walls of blood vessels to expand, including the retina.
As the walls of the blood vessels expand to cope with the increase in blood pressure from the heart, the pressure on the inside of these blood vessels decreases. This decrease in diameter reduces the amount of blood that can pass through these arteries.
This blood loss causes a small amount of blood to reach the retina. This lack of the proper amount of blood that carries nutrients and fresh air to the particle makes it a waste product to transport it to organs that work to eliminate it. This low blood pressure causes a lack of nutrients in the living cells that make up the retina, causing the retina to fail to do its job properly.
The result for the patient is a loss of sight
, namely loss of sight. The main cause of the effect of high blood pressure on the eyes is the rise in blood pressure. These effects on the retina occur after a patient has had high blood pressure for a long time, for several years.
The most unavoidable things for a person to get high blood pressure include getting older as the problem gets worse as one gets older, a history of high blood pressure in the family and smoking.
Other factors that can cause high blood pressure are frequent and excessive alcohol intake, lack of exercise, high salt diets, high cholesterol, excessive weight loss, hypertension, and caffeine. which is found in beverages such as coffee and tea contributes to illness.
Symptoms and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure Often people with high blood pressure have no obvious signs and symptoms that are different from increasing blood pressure after regular exams or during health check-ups for other medical reasons. Although some people with high blood pressure often suffer from headaches, especially in the back of the head,
often in the morning, dizziness, noise in the ears, visual impairment or choking events.
The first step to be taken when a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure is to change their lifestyles especially in all high-risk situations and if the problem persists unsuccessfully then antihypertensives are used.
To protect yourself you need to exercise regularly such as walking for 30 minutes or more daily, using a nutritious diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing salts in the diet, taking medication as prescribed by a health professional. and not otherwise.
Also stop drinking alcohol or any alcohol, stop smoking and control stress and anxiety, but also control your cholesterol level. If you have a disease you must control the disease by following the correct lifestyle and medication regimen as advised by a health professional.
There is no cure for the disease at all, but there are medicines to use throughout your life that will reduce your eye pressure. These medications are droplets such as Timolol, but sometimes there are also surgeries to put holes in the iris to release the fluid that causes the problem to pass and reduce eye pressure. One cannot prevent this disease, but you can prevent blindness by starting treatment early and following the treatment as carefully as the eye doctor will direct you.

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