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How to deal with the problem of swollen feet!

PEOPLE most notably adults have been experiencing problems with swollen feet and find agony.  The problem of swollen limbs is caused by accumulation of fluid that leaks from the blood vessels due to a variety of factors that cause the blood to fail to return to the heart from the feet. Foot swelling is not a disease… Read More »

Find out what can cause a woman’s infertility

Infertility is a condition for a couple or a husband to not get pregnant. Infertility can be primary infertility ie a person has never been pregnant at all since birth or secondary infertility ie a person who has never given birth but is currently unable to carry a pregnancy.  Research shows that in every five marriages or romantic relationships… Read More »

Diseases that attack a woman’s genitals!

Y Where many diseases affect the cervix, among them is a disease that is popular as a contraceptive.  This disease is one of the most common diseases affecting a woman’s genital tract, causing severe abdominal pain and failure to get pregnant, or pregnancy miscarriages. There are so many types of donations that can occur individually and in time… Read More »

Pain under the navel in women!

Pain below the navel to her professional called Lower Abdominal Pain, is a problem that engulfs men but unfortunately many regards that it is usually something that later causes patients to enter into serious health problems especially to the reproductive system and the system of food . Pain at the base of the navel is at the… Read More »

Characters the right person in life?

M YOU are good! It’s another Saturday we’ve met on our quest to learn a variety of issues related to relationship life.  We are in a generation that has some serious challenges in relationship issues. A generation that is full of betrayal, a generation of fraud and sexual fraud. The generation that most of its people wear sheepskin on the inside… Read More »

Problem of gastric ulcer in pregnancy

PREGNANT can get stomach ulcers before or after pregnancy.  Much attention is needed in examining a pregnant mother to understand what will be the cause of her stomach ulcer. A woman who has been suffering from stomach ulcers even before pregnancy can continue to use some of the friendly drugs to treat or prevent the symptoms of stomach… Read More »

Betrayal is like honey

There are so many people learning every day, but the activity has been constantly changing. Even in my lesson today as described above. No one is new to this, many of us have felt it was wrong to do it. Betrayal is caused by many things, but among the things that cause this may include the desires… Read More »


Attorney General (AG), Dr Adelardus Kilangi explained the South African Guteng Court order requiring farmer Herman Steyn to pay the costs of a lawsuit filed against the Tanzanian government, resulting in ATCL’s flight being held in the country, saying the costs include accommodation of attorneys who went to conduct the case. Other costs to be… Read More »


Called  Tyrannosaurus rex  The giant animal needed a way to reduce body heat. And now scientists say that two holes in his skull were used as an air conditioner to enable the dangerous boss to lower the temperature. The two holes were originally thought to be full of muscle. But one group of scientists says the holes contained… Read More »


In Tanzania, artist Rajab Abdul Kahali by popular name Harmonize has married his Italian-born fiancé, Sarah Michelotti a few days after the singer officially dropped out of the Wasafi Classic Baby WCB group led by Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnums. The self-styled musician boy meant to represent marshals from southern Tanzania phoned Sarah a few months… Read More »