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How to avoid menstrual pain (period pains)

M PREVIOUS abdominal or professional dismenorrhea, is a pain that occurs in the lower part of the stomach or waist when a woman begins to have her period or before. The pain may be minor or moderate with some women experiencing severe pain. Gastric pain during menstruation begins when the eggs come from the fallopian tubes in… Read More »

Know Cervical Cancer and How to Protect Yourself

H II is a cancer that develops in the cervical neck and spreads in and out of the cervix. This is due to the abnormal growth of the particles in the area. These cells or cells have a tendency to rapidly spread and attack other areas of the body.  When the problem arises there are no more original symptoms… Read More »

Ways to prevent a woman from giving birth

M IRIJA transfusion of embryos can cause infertility, but the chance of pregnancy is available only if proper diagnosis and treatment is done.  Professional treatment can be done for a woman who has problems in secreting the ovaries, can become pregnant and conceive and then give birth. Being treated and getting pregnant will depend on the severity of the seals… Read More »

Reasons for a person to lose weight

The FACT is that eating according to the health requirement ie doing diets is hard for some people because there are so many factors that contribute to this difficulty and keep their weight; These are: NOT KNOWING THE BODY OF FOOD FOOD Many fail to do long-term diets because they do not know which diet fits them well,… Read More »

Six Reasons Women Get Aids More Than Men

There are six most common causes for women are more likely to be infected with HIV / AIDS compared to men. The reasons are as follows; BIOLOGICAL CONDITIONS Women are more at risk of getting HIV compared to men because the female genitalia are more prone to getting bruises during sex or sexual intercourse thus making it… Read More »

Aids-related Kidney Disease

K UNA many problems that have to face them AIDS patients worldwide. Kidney (kidney) is one of the important organs to filter the toxins in the body.  These patients are most affected by kidney disease. Kidney disease related to Aids professionally HIV-Associated Nephropathy or in brief HIVAN, can be caused by direct HIV-related HIV infection in the kidney or… Read More »

Get acquainted with foods that increase blood

LESS blood is the blood volume status of the body to be less than what is required by the body depending on the condition of man and his sex. The condition is evaluated in labs and hospitals by monitoring the amount of Haemoglobin, (HB).  There are various causes that cause anemia but today I will talk about how… Read More »

Fungi problem genitalia in women

KATI is the most common fungal infection in the world. It is estimated that 75% of all women in the world are infected with the virus.  Fungus infections in a woman’s genitals are caused by the presence of known fungus known as Candida albicans. The fungus is found as a common parasite in the mouth, a ball of food… Read More »

How to deal with the problem of swollen feet!

PEOPLE most notably adults have been experiencing problems with swollen feet and find agony.  The problem of swollen limbs is caused by accumulation of fluid that leaks from the blood vessels due to a variety of factors that cause the blood to fail to return to the heart from the feet. Foot swelling is not a disease… Read More »

Find out what can cause a woman’s infertility

Infertility is a condition for a couple or a husband to not get pregnant. Infertility can be primary infertility ie a person has never been pregnant at all since birth or secondary infertility ie a person who has never given birth but is currently unable to carry a pregnancy.  Research shows that in every five marriages or romantic relationships… Read More »